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ALIVE Community!
<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>There is only one word for what you shared this year</span>
<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>"Inspirational!"</span>
"Sometimes I just can’t believe the gift of being able to see what I get to see." ~ Danny Nash
"I probably would not have captured this low light shot without watching [Roy's] lesson." ~ Tom Thomson
"When I am dead and gone, those who loved me can look at the world as I saw it." ~ Sherry Robbins
"Visualizing can be a challenge for a large format shooter. I love hearing Clyde talk about his process. I can't get enough from this master!" ~ Jason Jones
"I was treated to some wonderful light on my way to a trailhead... It made my day before it even started!" ~ Laura King
"Everyone is used to staring at their backs from above. Toads have so much more character from these levels." ~ Jordan York
"I feel like I need to go somewhere more grand to get my 'masterpiece.' Actually, I don't." ~ Cliff McCartney
It's an opportunity to carefully and thankfully explore the essence, setting and interconnections of the components of macrocosm Earth and the universe within which it exists. ~ Lloyd Chapman
"I spoke softly and moved slowly and she paid me very little attention... It worked! ~ Evan Robinson
"Getting down and dirty in Costa Rica..."
"This was so much fun!" ~ Neil Parkin
"I could move forward literally about an inch at a time, then wait. That day has burned in my memory as a wonderul experience about the value of letting animals come to you." ~ Rob Katibah
"I find beauty in nature, either in rock, water, plant or animal.... Thank you for all your inspiring thoughts and instruction!" ~ Michael P
"Each image we make is showing us on a deeper level, who we really are." ~ Ron Rosenstock
I learned so much from watching Ron's videos. While in Kenya recently I made a point to look for changes in the light." ~ Tom T
"... that sense of being completely present in the moment. I absolutely live for those moments." ~ Sandi Murdock
... When the WILDlife is in your own backyard! [panning image by Susan Rankin]
"Behind the DUMPSTER at Clyde Butcher's." ~ Paul Pavot
"If I followed text book type rules I would have very, very few 'aha' moments. These were moments in time that meant something to me, and, I hope to others as well." ~ Betty Girardeau
<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>Thanks for Launching this Community!</span>
<span class='wysiwyg_editor_content'>We're excited to see what you will do in year two.</span>
"And then I wondered, what if I panned horizontally while 'receiving' early morning light from the ocean." ~ Ron Rogers